"Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, 'It is more
blessed to give than to receive.'"

—Acts 20:35
Paul Jeffrey/CWS

Stories of Impact

Stories of Impact

The Presbyterian Giving Catalog is filled with gifts that exemplify the work prayerfully carried out by ministries of Presbyterian Mission. These ministries work in collaboration with Presbyterians, congregations, mid councils, and global partners. Every gift has the power to fulfill a need. To change a life. To foster hope and faith.

The generosity of Presbyterians around the world helps power the education and development of people and communities. Collectively, we are making a difference. These stories of impact are intended to be shared with your congregation in celebration of, and gratitude for, the magnitude of God’s gracious and abundant work in the world.

Download one story, or print them all – share with your congregation to show the impact of your gifts to the Presbyterian Giving Catalog.

Download Stories of Impact—

Grain Banks Support Refugees in Central Africa, Women’s Empowerment in Uganda, Presbyterian Ministries Provide Water and Hope in Flint, Michigan, and Triennium Ignites God’s Calling for Our Youth

Partnering for progress toward prosperity, A growing solution to hunger, Quenching a thirst for health and  equality, and More than a safety net